My Journey from Fat to Fit

My Journey from Fat to Fit

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Do I get to wear a pretty dress???

I went for a 23K (14 mi) run. It went really well. I started at an easy pace and gradually picked up the speed. I’ve run faster training runs of this distance, but this was solid and fell within my target pace. Things are making a turn for the better.

The only negative is that I’ve had a bit of tightness in my groin since yesterday’s run. This worried me a bit because the only other time I’ve had problems with my groin muscles was during my last marathon — where they cramped up and ruined my race.

Enough with the boring stuff — lets talk adorable animals.

I saw a bunch of deer on my run. The first sighting was a doe and her tiny little fawn. Probably just week old. They ran out in front of me and I stopped dead in my tracks, dropped my jaw and said “awww!” aloud. The little fawn was just like Bambi.

Next, I saw a buck. I don’t see bucks a lot because they tend to stay deep in the woods and away from residential areas. I was too distracted to note how many points he had.  He was standing in the road around a blind corner and there was a car coming behind me, so I stopped to wave the car down to let him cross the road.

Lastly I saw two young bucks. They just barely had any antlers. Again something that I don’t see often.

It’s times like this that I wish I had a GoPro of something to capture these moments.

"Carbs don’t fail me now"

Theme and Variation
By Hal Higdon

Lubeznik Center for the Arts
September 5 – October 1, 2014

Just as Brahms channeled Handel and Rachmaninoff channeled Paganini, Hal Higdon uses images from comic art for inspiration. In this Theme and Variation exhibit of his art, Higdon displays original comic art from his collection beside newly created paintings of runners. Daredevil runs a marathon. Superman sprints. Archie and Veronica go jogging. A unique approach to art that is both Pop and Popular.

From an upcoming pop art show by Hal Higdon (yes, that Hal Higdon). You can see more on his FB.

So I’m a bit of a history nerd. A couple of weeks ago I was browsing newspaper archives for historic info about local races and I stumbled on a potentially big find. I can’t say what it is exactly yet, but I can tell you it’s about a famous historic runner who basically vanished from recorded history after his brief career. Some people in a small town in Canada claim he was a local man who retired to a quiet life there. I found something that lends credibility to that.

I reached out over Twitter to someone whom I knew was researching this. He was interested and told me he would send me some of the evidence he had gathered. He also mentioned a writer who was researching this. So I sent an email to the writer. That was a mistake.

After sending that email I stopped getting responses from the first person I contacted and I never heard back from the writer. No one related to this is returning me emails. I’m guessing the writer realized I was a writer too and asked people not to help me.

The thing is, I’m not actually that kind of writer. I was just interested in the history. But this has annoyed me enough to want to scoop this writer. If I can get a bit more info I could pitch a good story to one of my national magazine contacts. Or I could even pass the story on to a friend who is an amazing journalist with an impressive list of publications. I’m just that spiteful.

I just had a really good tempo run for the first time in months.

I ran about 3K, did an 8K run at half marathon pace and then did a 3K cool down. It’s the firs time I’ve come anywhere close to hitting my tempo pace in this training cycle.

I did the 8K (5 mi) in 32:08. That’s a pace of 4:01/Km (6:28/mi). That’s a HUGE confidence boost. I’m hoping to run a similar pace for my half marathon in a few weeks.

I’m not sure if the improvement is just because I’ve taken a while to recover and regain fitness or if it’s the psychological benefit of doing some long runs with faster people lately. Whatever it is, I’m happy.

One other thing worth mentioning: as I was walking up my street after my cool-down I heard my cat in my neighbour’s yard (she’s an indoor cat). She’s stubborn and won’t come to me wen she’s outside, so I had to chase her through my neighbours’ yards in the dark before literally tackling her. By mys estimate she ran a sub-5-minute mile pace at her top speed.